launching Mamata on 19 Oct 2011

Till May 2015 approx 633.77 Crores has reached to more than 15.52 lakh households (including ST & SC households) across the state through direct fund transfer to the right/legitimate beneficiary (Pregnant women) bank account, in a transparent way, removing any/all forms of intermediaries in a time-bound manner. This speaks about the huge success of the scheme.

There exists a close relationship between maternal nutrition and pregnancy outcomes. Intrauterine nutrition has a strong impact on birth weight and subsequent malnutrition of children. However, often both during pregnancy and lactation, the women are forced to go for work, thereby neglecting their own health and that of the child. Proper rest and adequate nutrition during pregnancy and appropriate care of the infant are essential not just for the mother’s health and wellbeing, but also for the infant’s development and longevity. To address the situation Government of Odisha has envisaged a state-specific scheme for pregnant and lactating mothers called ‘MAMATA’. The scheme provides monetary support to the pregnant and lactating women, which enables them to seek improved nutrition and promote health seeking behaviour.

The overall goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality; and improve the health and nutritional status of pregnant and lactating mothers and their infants.
The Objectives are

* To provide partial wage compensation for pregnant and nursing mothers so that they are able to rest adequately during pregnancy and after delivery.
* To increase utilisation of maternal and child health services, especially ante-natal care, postnatal care and immunization.
* To improve mother and child care practices, especially exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding of infants.

Pregnant & Lactating women of 19 years of age and above for the first 2 live births, except all Government/Public Sector Undertakings (Central and State) employees and their wives are covered under the scheme.

Under the Scheme, ‘MAMATA’ the beneficiary will receive a total incentive of Rs.5000 in four instalments, subject to the fulfillment of specific conditions. Payment will be made by e-transfer from the CDPO to the beneficiary account.