Mission Shakti

Empowerment of women is one of the key development initiatives identified by the Government of Odisha. It is well-known that economic empowerment of women significantly contributes to their social empowerment. As such helping women to achieve economic independence by enabling them to have independent employment and income has been accorded the highest priority. It has also been recognised that women will be better-placed to overcome the negative social pressures and gender biases operating against them and to unshackle themselves through group identity and activity. Promotion of Women's Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) has therefore been adopted as a key strategy for achieving women's empowerment. For upliftment of WSHGs different Schemes like Micro Credit Support, Seed Money, Financial Assistance to BLF & Drudgery Reduction were completed.


A. Formation, gradation and promotion of Self Help Groups.
B. Establishment of Bank linkage of WSHGs.
C. Financial Assistance to WSHGs.
D. Imparting Training for complete Management of WSHGs.
E. Strengthening and capacity building training to WSHGs.
F. Conducting Exposure visits to WSHGs.
G. Skill based Training, Market Linkage & Credit linkage based on key activities.
H. Production, Promotion & Marketing of products of WSHGs.

Target Group:-

Women Self-help groups.


All WSHGs operating inside the State.

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