List of Monitoring Committees under ICDS


1. Colletor Chairman
2. C.D.M.O Member
3. All MPs Member
4. All M.L,As Member

Meeting of the DLMRC will be held atleast once in aquarter or as and when required on the notice of the chair person and will submit its review report to the chief secretary / secretary ,WCD Clearluy outlining actions taken at the district level and support required fro the state Government.

B. Block Level Monitering Committees (BLMC) ON ICDS

List of Committees for women welfare section

1. State Level Empowerment Committee for recommendation of Proposal received from NG0s.
2. State Level Executive Committee (to review Mission Shakti)
3. A State Level Task Force under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Home Department to review and strengthen the functioning of MahilaEtSishu Desk-Member Convenor.
4. State Level Co-ordination Committee to Combat Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children. (Member-Convenor).
5. State Level Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment of Women at the workplace.(Commissioner-cum- Secretary-member).
6. State Level Steering Committee headed by the Chief Minister, Orissa to take policy decision on Mission Shakti(Director-Member Convenor).
7. District Level Committee on Prevention, Rescue Et Rehabilitation for victims of trafficking.
8. Sub-Division aPanchayatSamiti level committee on Prevention, Rescue Et Rehabilitation for victims of trafficking.
9. District level Project Appraisal Committee for recommendation of Proposal received from NG0s.

List of Committes for Child Welfare

SI No. Structure
District Level
1 District Child Protection Committee The District Child Protection Committee is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the scheme implementation at the District level.
2 Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee The Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee is mandated to review and sanction sponsorship and foster care fund at the District level
3 District-Level Inspection Committee Monitor standards of care of Children housed in Child Care Institutions
4 District Child Protection Unit Implementation and Monitoring of the Scheme at the District, Block and Village Level.Provide Support to various Statutory Bodies and Child Care Institutions
5 Child Welfare Committee Competent authority to address issues related to Children in Need of Care and Protection Monitor standards of care of Children housed in Child Care Institutions
6 Juvenile Justice Boards
Conflict with Law
Hear cases related to Juvenile's in Conflict with Law
7 Special Juvenile Police Units At the District level and thana level to address law enforcement issues related to Children.
Block and Panchayat Level child protection Committee
1 Panchayat Level Child Protection Committee PLCPC is a community-based group primarily responsible for creating and promoting a child- friendly and safe community environment wherein all children's well-being, safety and child rights are ensured
2 Block Level Child Protection Committee The BLCPC would play the role of a federation/association for Child Protection Committees at the Panchayat level in addition to taking up the activities of a Child Protection Committee.

List of Committes under Disability Welfare

SI No. Structure
State Level
1 State Co-ordination Committee under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Minister, WEtCD Dept.
2 State Executive Committee under Chairmanship of Commissioner-cum- Secretary, WEtCD  Dept.
3 State Appellate Board under PwD Act 1995
4 State Commission for Persons with Disability
5 Director Welfare for Persons with Disability
District Level
1                         District Appellate Board under CDMO Block and Village Level 1 1 Sanctioning Authority for Disability Certificate (Medical Officer, PHC)